About Us

Officiant – Mike Park
What started out as a simple request from Matt Skiba to officiate his wedding has now turned into over 60 weddings over the past 8 years. That’s a lot of weddings. Each ceremony is unique and caters to the couple’s wishes. Mr. Park takes this very seriously and works hard to make your special day AWESOME!!!
Photographer – Hiro Tanaka
Hiro Tanaka is an award winning photographer from Tokyo, Japan. His level of excitement for everything is above and beyond anything you can imagine. He will take your wedding and bring it to a place that no other wedding has gone. By the end of the night your guests will be chanting his name in unison. I’m not kidding. Everyone will be in love with Hiro and you will too.

Shashin Book Award 2014, France
Photobook Award 2013, Germany: Nomination – Foto Book Fesival Kassel

DJ – Bob Vielma
From the band SHINOBU and many other musical endeavors. He likes cats and energy drinks. His claim to fame is meeting hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut.
DJ – Brendan Kelly
From the band THE LAWRENCE ARMS and many other musical endeavors. He likes long walks on the beach and sometimes entertains the possibility of an alcoholic beverage.
DJ – Chris Candy
From the band CHOTTO GHETTO and also Hollywood actor. He likes to run, jump, and play catch. Also a good looking dude.
DJ – Chris #2
From the band ANTI-FLAG and many other musical endeavors. He loves to dance and eat vegan sweets. He’s also a great screamer.
DJ – Cory Murchy
From the band Minus The Bear. Cory loves ice cream and the Pacific Northwest. Also loves the Mariners.
DJ – Jeff Rosenstock
From the band BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY and many other musical endeavors. He also loves to dance and eat vegan sweets.
DJ – Sean Bonnette
From the band ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD. He likes skateboarding and hip-hop deep cuts.