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Getting married?  Congratulations!
I’ve somehow officiated over 60 weddings in the last 8 years.  These weddings are 100% punk rock in the sense that bride and groom love the music and want a non traditional wedding outside of the church. I love officiating weddings and take each one very serious.  I do my best to make this the most wonderful night for all involved.Being part of so many weddings has given me great insight towards making these weddings even more over the top fun.  And that’s by surrounding it with the best people in the world.  DJ’S from your favorite bands, a photographer that will make your smiles permanent whenever you think about him for the rest of your life, and an officiant that will go above and beyond any wedding ceremony you’ve seen before.

We want an experience that’s not just do your job, collect a check, and go home.  We all want to be in the mix.  We want to talk to everyone and anyone who wants to talk.  We want to take pictures, we want to dance, we want to make this unbelievably amazing.
We’ve tried to make this as affordable as humanly possible as we all know how expensive a professional photographer and DJ can cost,  I’m excited to see what kind of response this gets.  Please get in touch to secure your a date.  Be well.
Peace, Mike Park
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